About this site

The Tools of Ignorance is a collection of writings on bitcoin and software development by Will Cole. Bitcoin, because it has been an obsession of mine since 2011, and I believe it to be the most important innovation where I can add my talent and energy. Software development because that is how I apply my talent and energy.

My History

Since I was a child, programming computers has been a part of my consciousness. My dad is a programmer, my brother, uncle, family friends, all programmers. Rebelling in my family was to not be a programmer. I found out you can contribute to software projects and not be a programmer when I was 22. I became a product manager. I like working with programmers and designers to find graceful and important solutions to customer problems. When I discovered bitcoin in 2011, I thought the only way to contribute was to work on the core protocol. This line of thinking was wrong, and after many years of sitting on the sideline as an investor/enthusiast, I left Stack Overflow in 2019 to join Unchained and use my skillset to build important products for people using bitcoin.

The Present

I'm still a product manager, and I still believe bitcoin is the most important industry where which I can contribute. I'm working with my friends at Zaprite to make earning bitcoin simple and natural. I'm also embarking to do my first real public writing. I hope you'll enjoy it.